Training with BANDS

Everyone knows that you cannot get fit without squatting, pressing and picking up objects. These lifts need to be learned and practiced time and time again to continue to see strength gains in the gym, but they also need to be performed correctly to stay injury free. As we age, our goals change. We no longer care about lifting as heavy as we once used to, we just want to be able to pick up and play with our grandchildren or be able to get up off the toilet without any help.

What is an easy fix? Using a method that is going to force you to continue to improve technique, add resistance safely, and continue to expose weaknesses for you to continue to prevent injury...reactive neuromuscular training (RNT).

Reactive Neuromuscular Training is a method implemented in both strength training and rehab to help improve movement patterns. This is one of the most powerful methods right now in the training industry for fixing faulty movements while still being able to train the big lifts and lift medium/heavy weight, without injury. By just adding a resistance band to the barbell, it exposes areas of weakness in your lifts...hence, it is the best external training cue for individuals. This is why I have implemented more banded training in our new cycle.

How the RNT method works is pretty simple. When a dysfunctional movement or bad pattern arises during a movement or lift, a band can be used on the body (or implement) to further pull that area into a more dysfunctional pattern. By recognizing what the band is doing to your body when performing the movement, such as pulling you out of position, your body super compensates and really focuses on correcting the dysfunctional position. This forces the correct muscle groups to be active, stabilize and engage the areas that were previously lagging to perform the movement.

We are cleaning up movement pattern quality, safely and efficiency to retrain the brain on how to properly execute movements. This PREVENTS injury that might occur in the future and you are making a body-brain connection on areas of weakness and HOW to engage them so you can make them stronger.

We have done this with squatting, deadlifting, bench presses, rotator cuff...and now we have implemented it in strengthening our rear rotator cuff muscles, scaps and low lats. The day we did the banded presses, EVERYONE found a major weakness and couldn't use more than 5# weights.

You are going to see this in bent over rows this week, really focus on holding good position (as you guys have been doing). Not everyone is lucky enough to have trainers that not only teach you these things, but can help you recognize where you are weak or deficient so we can fix it. Every one of you is different, and it has never been more evident since we have implemented banded training. Let's keep getting stronger, safely...while working on weaknesses we didn't know we had.

RNT training for the win!

See you in the gym this week!

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