Just want to re-assure everyone that we are taking the Coronavirus epidemic seriously at CFMF. We have increased our cleaning protocols this week, and will continue to do so on a daily basis. That is all we can do until more information about how to “combat” this virus emerges.

As you know, we have always prided ourselves on how clean we keep the facility. During this time, the gym will be cleaned and disinfected morning, noon and night.

Bleach is used in the mop bucket and disinfectant bottles. Lysol is sprayed on door handles, toilet and sink handles, and light switches morning, noon and night. There are also disinfectant wipes by the kettlebells and dumbbells. We are fully stocked with soap, bleach, Lysol and disinfectant so if we are out, ask a Coach and it will be refilled or replaced.

Please take every precaution necessary to keep yourself and the equipment clean. This includes washing your hands and using the hand sanitizer available at the front desk.

The CDC recommends that you focus on being the healthiest human being you can be at this time and keeping your distance from others. If you are sick or don’t feel 100%, stay home. Eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, focus on your sleep, manage stress, wash your hands and be physically active. A strong immune system is the key to staying healthy, and if need be, combating the virus. Temporarily, I want to ban “fist bumps” and “high fives” at the gym and stay on your designated platforms during work outs.

There are many uncertainties, but we need to be positive and practice good hygiene during this. We want to remain open so you guys can continue to be your fittest self during these times. We have said it before and now we are living it, “Survival of the Fittest” has become reality.

Stay clean my fitness friends.


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