Origin Meals Tips and Tricks!

Origin Meals Tips and Tricks

Guys, a heads up to you guys that are interested in ordering Origin Meals but aren't 100% ALL IN on the meals the offer each week...

  • If you are interested in a Lunch or Dinner plan that has 2 or 3 dishes offered but one of the offered dishes you know you don't like. Place the meal plan in your Cart. In the Delivery Notes field make a note that you don't want Dish X and would like 2 of Dish Y.

  • If you select Breakfast and Dinner or Breakfast and Lunch at the same time you will notice that the only portion size available is Standard. This because Breakfast is only offered in the Standard portion for all meal plans. To get around this order Breakfast independent of Lunch/Dinner. This allows you to order Starter/Standard/XL for your Lunch or Dinner.

  • Their online email support is very quick at responding to questions too.

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