Standown Apparel

At the gym, you may have noticed that we sell Standown Apparel.

Standown Apparel was founded by Kevin Meyer, a member of the U.S. Army. He is partnered with Luke Van Dyke, a professional tattoo artist. Kevin and Luke, joined by their team, strive to provide the highest quality patriotic and fitness apparel. All while giving back to the men, women, and families that protect this country.

Standown represents the sheepdog, protecter of the sheep from the wolves. Showing our men and women in uniform that no matter what happens, “We have your back”. When you wear a Standown shirt, not only are your wrapping yourself in the sweet fabric of freedom but you are making a statement. The statement of “We are patriots, and we bleed Red, White, and Blue.”

They took their love for fitness, the support this community gives for our country and its service members, then made some kick-ass gear to send a message. Whether you're in the gym, or on the street, “We are Standown, and we have your back.”

Check out the swag next time you're at the gym and purchase a shirt to support Kevin and those that protect our country!

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