30 Day End of Summer Slimdown

30 day - End of Summer Slimdown

What is it?

A 30 day program that includes:

1. Daily warm ups

2. Daily meal plans

3. Daily work out routines, both cardio and weightlifting

How can I access it?

We will have an online versions, as well as a printable ebook version.

What does it cost?


Just a dollar a day!

When does it start?

Tuesday, September 4th and will run though October 3rd.

Can anyone join? Even if they are not members of the gym?


If someone has access to a gym, they can do the work outs at their facility. The ebook is going to be the best bet here since they may not have access to things a functional fitness facility may have. This will be a "globe gym" friendly version. The online version is for those that belong to a functional fitness facility.


If you have a friend or family member that wants to do the 30 day challenge AND become a member of the gym, at the Falls we are offering a 30 day membership PLUS the 30 day slim down for $80! They can attend boot camp or the LITE classes anytime they want.

How Do I Join?

Email Nina at nina@be-complete.net to get started and signed up!

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