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Test Week and Recovery

November 18, 2019

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Origin Meals and Announcements

June 25, 2018

Phase 2 of 12 Weeks to Lean in 18 - You have 1 week left!

July 1st - After pictures and measurements must be taken and submitted by the 6th so we can announce winner.  

Submit to:


Committed Club - Week 3 TOP 5

1. Rebecca

2. Keith 

3. Scott 

4. Marissa 

5. Brian 

How to enter in work outs you do on your own to show us your commitment...

Click on the “Me” button

Click on “Logbook”

Click on “Log a work out” for that day

Enter in your work out and score and hit save.

Those count towards this.


Check in Campaign…

The ONLY way you can win is IF YOU guys have raffle tickets entered into the bin.  PLEASE show a Coach your post so you can get raffle tickets to win the shoes!!


Behnke Fundraiser

We raised over $2500 for them

Thank you to everyone who came out, lifted, or donated throughout the week.  They greatly appreciate it.


Origin Meals

Meal Delivery service

Both gyms are a hub, Greendale can start ordering food immediately.  Falls we will have a fridge next week, but if you want food this week, order up to Greendale and I can bring it up if you let me know that you ordered food.  




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