Committed Club and Check-In Campaign

Want to win a gift certificate?

Want to win a pair of Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons?

Here are a couple of different ways this month to:

1. Hold yourself accountable

2. Keep track of your progress

3. Let others know that you dont let life get in the way and make the gym a priority

4. Win prizes/money!

Be a part of the Committed Club for June!

All you have to do is LOG everything you do at the gym into SugarWOD. Log your lifts under Strength and Skill, log your Finishers, log your WOD, log the weekly challenge WODs, and any extra stuff that you do.

At the end of the month, I will see who has recorded the most work outs done and determine a winner for a $20 gift certificate at the end of the month.

**Please log work outs that are relevant. You dont get 7 posts for logging 7 different Crossover Symmetry exercises. Anyone who tries to swindle this will be excluded. Remember, I have full access to all of your SugarWOD accounts and can see everything you post on my end.

Social Media Check-In Campaign

1 Chance per day.

STARTS June 11th and will run until July 7th

1 raffle ticket: Check in on Social Media that you were at Complete Fitness Greendale or MF

2 raffle tickets: Check in on Social Media, Post a selfie or video of yourself with what you did at the gym.

3 raffle tickets: Check in on Social Media, Post a selfie/video, and TAG a NON MEMBER of the gym.

At the end of the 4 weeks, we will pick a raffle ticket winner to announce who won the pair of shoes! Shoes will be winners choice of size and color.

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