June Mobility - Pecs and Rotator Cuff

This month we are going to focus on a couple of things:

1. Giving you guys a better front rack.

2. Fixing your posture.

3. Strengthening your "upper" back to improve pulling from the floor.

4. Improving shoulder stability.

A lot of us have shoulders that are rounded forward and lack the body awareness of how to "pull" those shoulders back on certain exercises. Most of the stuff we do in the gym, we are "pushing" forward or upward so our front deltoids and pecs are really strong and tight compared to the muscles in the rear...rhomboids, traps, teres minor and major, rear delt...etc. (see below).

We have improved A TON on keeping shoulders back on lifts, specifically snatches, but I think we can be even better. As an added bonus, it is going to translate over to the gymnastics stuff in class...which is a huge weakness for all of us, mainly pull ups, kipping, muscle ups, and toes to bar!

So don't be surprised if you see static holds, or powell raises during the "movement" portion of warm up.

Super Front Rack

Banded Lateral Opener


Powell Raises

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