12 Weeks to Lean in 18 - Round 2

We are starting ANOTHER 12 week Diet Challenge APRIL 8TH!

Many of you are noticing the changes that people are making in our first challenge and want in on your own challenge for the summertime!

What is it? 12 Week Health and Fitness Challenge for Members of Complete Fitness

What is included?

1. 12 Weeks of Meal Plans (sent every 2 weeks)

2. Special access to an exclusive Facebook Support Group

3. Access to Podcasts regarding nutrition, diet advice, tips and tricks on how to stay on track, and specific questions you guys have along the way.

4. Prizes for Weekly Challenge winners, midway point winners and overall prize package.

5. Macronutrients calculated specifically for YOU. Based on: age, height, weight, goals, body measurements.

6. Meal timing chart outlining WHEN to eat based on when you work out, or if it is a rest day.

7. Programming for daily fitness challenges to hold yourself accountable if you cannot get to the gym.

When does it begin and end? Monday, April 9th and will run until July 1st, 2018

Please send me an email if you are interested, the sooner the better so you can have any questions answered and charts set before the 9th! nina@be-complete.net

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