March Mobility - Hamstrings

Added into our daily warm up are going to be a few new exercises we haven't really done before in the gym. For the month of March we are going to focus on our hamstrings.

If you haven't noticed, we spend a large part of warm up stretching and mobilizing. When you lack flexibility, you are hindering your athletic capabilities. In order for us to keep progressing in the gym, we need to keep our muscle supple, loose and happy. We can't hit big lifts or PRs with pissed off muscles.

The most neglected and underdressed area of the body are the hamstrings. We know we have tight hips and most of us do some sort of hip stretches and openers before class, but no one really focuses on the hamstrings. Why is that? Its because it fuckin hurts. We sit in desk chairs or cars all day and our hamstrings spent majority of day in a "shortened" state. If you have knee, hip and back issues, it is probably because you have tight hamstrings.

The new exercises we'll be adding in warm up, are below...

Saddle Split Stretch

Banded Hammy Stretch

Hammy Bench Stretch

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