Weekly Challenge WOD Prizes and 10% off Built

This month we are adding a TWIST to the winners of the Weekly Challenge Fitness WODs.

Winners will get: $5.00 "in store" credit on supplements, shirts, bars, drinks...etc

How to Win

1. It is not based purely on score, it is based on BEST Social Media post while doing the work out or before/after.

2. Obviously, do the work out.

3. Post it to Facebook or Instagram, but you MUST TAG your location (Complete Fitness) and anyone you did it with.

4. Post a cool/creative/fun/inspiring photo or video with it

5. You do not have to RX it or have the best score...most creative social media post wins each week!

*This is going to give bonus points to those in the 12 Weeks to Lean in '18 challenge!

Winners of the Google Review are in the podcast, check out Episode 13!

UR Built 10%

For the month of February, Dale wants to give us 10% off Built for the entire month! Take advantage of the offer and get your chewable game on point!

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