Complete Fitness 2018 Intramural OPEN

CrossFit 2018 Open

For those of you that were around last year, the Intramural Open was TONS OF FUN and we want to do it again!

Sign up HERE (or in class) so we can create teams.

You DO NOT have to sign up on to participate in our Open. Ours is free and meant to have fun with our community.

Please let me know if you want to be a Captain!

  • Captains Responsibilities

  • 1. Enter in points in the GoogleDoc by deadline every Monday night

  • 2. Come up with Team Name and Coordinate “themes” for each week

  • 3. Be a TEAM LEADER…support the team in any way possible.

  • Head boss for team building and support through the 5 weeks.

  • Hold your team accountable each week.

  • 4. Make sure everyone logs score in SugarWOD

  • AND each person puts down any additional points earned under their “notes” (to be explained in a second…)

The point system to determine the OVERALL winners is different this year.

  • 1. RX Placing (Up to 10 points)

  • 1st place in the WOD gets 10 points for your team

  • 2nd place gets 9 points

  • 3rd place gets 8 points….so on and so forth, down to 1 for the top 10

  • 2. Scaled Placing (up to 5 points)

  • 1st place in the WOD gets 5 points for your team

  • 2nd place gets 4

  • …so on and so forth for the top 5

  • 3. Doing the WOD RX

  • IF you do the WOD RX AND put in full effort, you get 1 point. If you try to do the WOD RX and sit there for 20 minutes, that doesn’t count.

  • 4. Friday NIGHT Attendance

  • Come do the work out on Friday Night and get an additional point.

  • 5. Judging

  • Judge/count someones reps (who is legitimately in the Open), you will earn 1 point. (1 point per week is the maximum allowed for this. Even if you judge 5 people in an evening, that is still 1 point).

  • Everyone else who is not signed up for the Open, does not need a judge/counter

  • 6. First Ever “X”

  • If you do a movement for the first time ever during one of these wods, you get 5 points. For example, muscle ups

  • 7. PR the WOD

  • If the 2018 Open contains a repeat work out, or a work out we’ve done before and you PR it, you get 3 points.

  • 8. Bring a Friend/Family member

  • Earn 1 point for your team for bringing a friend or family member to come cheer everyone on, or celebrate with us. 1 point per week can be earned this way, per person.

  • 9. Social Media Selfie

  • Take a selfie and post it to Insta or Facebook, tag yourselves at the gym and you’ll get 2 points for this. 2 points per week is earned, no matter how many selfies you post.

  • 10. Wear your Team Color or Team Shirt

  • Team coordination is important, if you guys coordinate outfits…1 point per person can be earned for your team.

  • We will announce winners, or "gym champions" from each gym at the usual end of the open party.

  • Winners will be based on points, but also SPIRIT!

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