SugarWod is an app we use to:

  1. See the work out for the next day.

  2. You can log all of your results RIGHT in the app. It tracks your lifts, PRs, benchmarks and even calculates out percentages for you, if you put your numbers in there.

  3. When you log your score, you are automatically added to the “Leaderboard” so you can see scores from both gyms. This is a nice way to combine both gyms together in one place.

**If you DO NOT want your results to be posted to the leaderboard, when you create an account, you can opt out of this option too.

  1. Its private. The password to join our group changes every day so you cannot give your password to someone else and I can see all of the athletes who are on it and delete anyone that doesn’t belong.


How to join SugarWOD

1. Go to your app store on your phone or tablet and download the SugarWod app. It has a light blue the picture above.

2. Create an account and log in.

3. Click on “Find My Box”


5. Enter in the Access Code.

***Please email me, for the access code as it changes every single day.

6. Once you entered in the access code, click on “Go to the whiteboard”

I have entered programming for EVERYTHING we offer. If you click on the calendar and select tomorrows date, programming for every “track” is up there.

- Work out of the day is the WOD of the Day for Cross-Training Class.

- CT Strength and Skill is what we are doing for Strength, Skill, EMOMs.

- a CT Lite track has been added to offer a more diverse program for everyone.

- Endurance

- FitCamp

- Olympic Lifting

- Burn

How to See the Different “Tracks” to Your Page

  1. Click on the "Whiteboard" button at the bottom

  2. Underneath whatever picture is posted for the day, you'll see "Workout of the Day" with an arrow pointing down. Click on that and a box with all of the "tracks" will show up for you.

Happy logging!

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