COMPLETE FITNESS' functional fitness classes are led by expert coaches who are in the pursuit of helping members succeed in their fitness journeys. All of our classes combine elements of cardio, strength, gymnastics, agility, balance, and more.
We understand everyone has different goals with their fitness. Our focus is to create inclusive group classes as well as individual training options that create a fulfilling experience for everyone from beginners to seasoned athletes.
We have a program for EVERYONE!
Boot Camp, Functional Fitness, HIIT, Cross-Training, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Endurance, Kid programs, Senior Citizens, Nutrition, Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Weightlifting...and more!



60 minute classes that incorporate high intensity interval training and a variety of movements including complex gymnastics and weightlifting.


On Ramp is a special program designed for those who want to start a Cross-Training program, but have NO EXPERIENCE.
You will get FOUR private training sessions with one of our Coaches, which is scheduled based on your availability.  Once the fourth session is completed, your On Ramp membership includes a THREE times per WEEK access to all programs and Open Gym for the month as well.


This is a class for those athletes who want to improve technique on the clean, jerk and snatch.  We focus on the basic elements of perfecting form and technique of the Oly lifts.  


60 minute classes that incorporate high intensity interval training with functional accessory exercises.  This class does not have complex gymnastics or heavy barbells, but may often include functional weightlifting movements with dumbbells or kettlebells.


60 min class that incorporates functional movements in a higher intensity environment.  It includes exercises that kids do everyday when they play...push, pull, run, throw, lift things...etc.
We will also help your kids develop neurological, cognitive and motor skills and discuss positive life decisions, sportsmanship and healthy food choices.  


This is for Kids/Teens ages 10 and older!
Perform the same functional movements as the adults, but in a class with kids their age and their own special Coach!


This class is OUR version of Boot Camp, but still incorporates some light, functional barbell movements such as the squat, press and deadlift.  Focus is on full body functional fitness to increase strength, energy and stamina while supercharging your metabolism.  If you are looking for a longer, high intensity work out, this class is for you!


45 minute classes that incorporate a long, high-energy workout utilizing functional body weight movements and light to moderate loads of dumbbells and kettlebells.  There are no barbells here.  Burn that fat and tone up FAST!



We offer 45 to 60 minute private sessions with one of our Coaches.  Packages can be purchased in ONE, FIVE, or TEN packs.  Work with a trainer one-on-one to achieve your specific health and fitness goals.


We offer nutrition consults, monthly nutrition coaching and guidance to those individuals who want to take their health to the next level.


We have worked with a variety of athletes and teams over the years...volleyball players, wrestlers, figure skaters, baseball players, hockey teams...etc.

If you have an athlete or a team that needs specific strength and conditioning for their sport, we've got you covered!



We have taken our fitness program ONLINE!

For less than the price of a gym membership, you can get a great work out right on your phone.


With our CFA program you will have access to daily warm up and stretching routines, strength sessions and work outs.

Each day you will get a coach-guided video explaining how to do everything.  Work out descriptions will be available so you will know exactly how many repetitions and sets to do, how long to work out for and tips/tricks will be provided to give you the best and safest work out possible. 

Everything is done through our free app that you can download on your smart phone.  This is where you can access the daily work outs, videos and track your progress.  You will also have exclusive access to our private facebook page where you will meet other CFA members.  Here is where you can ask any questions, post any videos or cheer each other on.

If you would like a one-on-one session with a Coach either at our facility or via Zoom, we can arrange that.  Need nutrition help?  We have certified nutrition Coaches on staff as well.

Minimum Equipment Required:

- Dumbbells

- Kettlebell

- Plyo Box or Stairs for jumping/stepping

- Jump Rope

Work outs can and will also be adapted to those that have access to barbells and fully equipped gyms.

*This is a monthly recurring program unless you cancel by emailing Nina at