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At COMPLETE FITNESS we focus on the WHOLE journey.  Diet is crucial to optimizing health and performance.  With a sound nutrition plan, that consists of high quality foods consumed in optimal quantities, you are setting yourself up for continuous success both inside and outside of the gym.




Want to eat healthy but don't know where to start? 
We offer meal plans that are specific to your needs and goals.  We also provide grocery lists to make shopping easier.  

Nina's Recipe Book...................................$40.00

Made by Nina for YOU!
This e-book includes over 12 weeks of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert options. 

Healthy Cheat Meal e-book........................$10.00

With over 60 recipes, this book includes healthy recipes for my favorite cheat meals.
Includes:  dips, drinks, brownies, cookies, pizzas, wings, shakes/malts, waffles, pancakes, cupcakes, fries, burgers, tacos and more!


Do you already eat healthy but aren't sure if you are eating the correct portion sizes?  
This option helps you figure out how much protein, fat and carbs to have for each meal based on your goals and activity level.  

Macro calculation and chart.......................$60.00

Based on your goals, activity level, and body composition, you will receive:
-  How much to eat on Rest days
-  How much to eat on Training days
-  When to eat
-  Maintenance plan for when you reach your goal weight so you can stick with it.


Need a coach to hold you accountable
Training for something and you have a deadline?   
Need help meal prepping?  
Don't know what to buy at the grocery store?  
Don't know how to calculate macros?
Not to worry.
If this process is new and overwhelming to you, our coaches can help you with this process so it becomes a lifestyle change.

Nutritional Coaching

This package includes:
-  Initial remote assessment, body stats, pictures.
-  Suggest macros and adjustments via email.
-  Macro tracking via MyFitnessPal.
-  Weekly check-ins with your Coach.
-  Meal prep ideas, tips and tricks.
-  Nutrition habit guidance from your Coach.
-  Daily accountability
*Two and three month packages are available.


Want nutritional guidance AND a personal trainer all in one package?
We will focus on a diet that will help you achieve your goals, as well as tailor it to your fitness needs for fat loss and recovery.
We now have the option of both in-person training AND online training so you can do the work outs I design for you at home.

Nutritional Coaching and PT

In-Person Training Options
*In person training is two, 60 minute personal training sessions per week plus 24/7 nutritional coaching.
Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Option
*Online training is three to five work outs per week via our app plus 24/7 nutritional coaching and lifestyle recalibration.


Need some advice or don't know where to start?  Sit down with one of our experts to talk about:
-  Lifestyle changes
-  Your health and fitness goals
-  Current diet
-  Obstacles getting in your way
We can set you up for success and come up with a game plan that works for everyone!

Nutrition Consult..................$50.00 per session

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As an endurance triathlete, I have trained my body to EAT, train LONG and then EAT even more! 

This regime worked sufficiently during the training/competing season, but I'd inevitably gain weight during the off season and would have to cut way back on calorie intake.  Restricting myself to ~1200 calories seemed to be the magic number for me to lose/maintain weight....until starting CrossFit and meeting Nina!


Before starting the 12 weeks to lean challenge, Nina kindly described me as a "Soft triathlete"... she was correct!

After calculating macros for ME, for my training both in and out of the box...I gained muscle, lost fat and lost weight!

I was eating more food and more calories than I had been when managing my own calories, but it was the attention to MACROS and timing of eating said MACROS, that made a drastic difference.


At 54, I am stronger, leaner and more fit than I have ever been!  (I wish I would have done this 2 decades ago!!) 

I now EAT to TRAIN; rather than TRAIN to EAT!!



"When I first walked into CFMF in January 2017, I was around #206 lbs. The results I got after following the macro based program was truly amazing. I am now at #173 lbs, losing more than #30 lbs in the last year, which is a very huge achievement for me. Following macros was a huge learning experience.  I learned that nutrition, portion sizes, coupled with fitness is important in a persons overall health and fitness. I am now at the best version of me, seeing a lot of improvement on most of the functional movements we perform at the gym and outside gym. 

Earlier dieting for me was, eating less and starving. Once I started discussing about my goals with Nina, she actually helped me to understand the different aspects of dieting. She calculated and came up with the ideal Macro nutrition combination based on my body composition. With a proper meal preparation and portion control, I was able to enjoy the food I like to eat and also getting the expected result. Doing this with Nina was one of the best decisions i've made and the result motivated me to make this a lifestyle change."



After half a year on the trail, the PCT had broken my body. I was very weak and frail. I was malnourished, had severe lower back and hip pain, tendinitis in both achilles, and rotator cuffs that hurt so bad they’d wake me up at night. I couldn’t complete 7 pushups in a row. I needed a change.

After 4 months of proper nutrition and 5-6 days/week in the gym and 22 pounds HEAVIER - I look and feel healthy again. Thanks to Complete Fitness Menomonee Falls for putting together a program for me in both the kitchen and gym. It really helped me get back to a healthy me!