//  Position:  Owner/CEO, Head Coach

//  Certifications:   NASM Certified Personal Trainer
                                NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist
                                Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
                                CrossFit Kids 

//  Years Coaching:  2011- Present
//  Achievements:  Fittest Woman in Wisconsin in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
                                  Five-Time CrossFit Games Regional Athlete

//  Contact:

Short Bio
Nina, a former teacher, has a natural passion for helping people succeed and
achieve their goals.  She began coaching because she loves witnessing lives
change on a daily basis.  She's a firm believer in Cross-Training and functional fitness,
as it changed her own life, so she wanted to help others do the same. 
Nina believes that anything is possible with a little bit of hard work and dedication.  
Nina also specializes in scaled and prgressions because anyone and EVERYONE
can do functional fitness.  She's trained special needs children, a woman with 
multiple sclerosis, triathletes, and has had numerous clients lose 100+ pounds.
As a lifelong athlete and natural-born leader, she is a motivator and has a passion for fitness, health and wellness.  She is dedicated to her members by constantly absorbing more information and certifications that directly benefits her clients. 

Training Philosophy:
We are going to lift weights and we are going to squat!  If you cannot get your butt off the toilet, you're in trouble!
We never sacrifice form for intensity as proper form builds muscle memory, strength and prevents injury. 

I want to continue to influence and change other people’s lives on a daily basis so we decided to open Complete Fitness.  We wanted to create a gym that brings friends and families together, and create our own “fitness” community in the Menomonee Falls area.  We will eat, drink, complain about the work outs and cry together.  We're more than a gym, we are a fitness family.  It is our goal to make health and fitness a priority for all of the members that walk through our door...functional fitness is for EVERYONE!
You cannot out-train a bad diet, and you cannot hide from sickness and disease.  It's time for a lifestyle change...come be complete at Complete Fitness.    

"Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment...

full effort is full victory."


- Mahatma Gandhi