Cycling Classes

Guys, we have the opportunity to participate in cycling classes on certain Sundays of the month. What: Sunday classes, one hour each, at 1pm. About 40-45 minutes of work with warmup/cool down and some short stretching. Where: Wheel and Sprocket Brookfield Dates: Dec 9, Jan 13, Feb 10, and Mar 10. Description: The class uses real bikes set up on stationary trainers. Each trainer is hooked up to a system that shows wattage and heart rate, and that's how the trainer leads the class. Because each trainer is linked to an individual in the system, the same class can have people who are beginners or really fit or anywhere in between. If you have your own road bike or hybrid you can bring it.

Falls Thanksgiving Schedule

Monday: Normal Tuesday: Normal Wednesday: No Kids class or 6:30pm class. Everything else normal Thursday: CLOSED Friday: Open gym from 12-2pm Saturday: Normal

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