UR Ignite

First of all, I want to thank everyone for supporting Dale…CFMF is one of his top affiliate distributors and supporters in the nation. Every 4-6 weeks when we do a pre-order, I place an order of 30+ bags of protein and other supplements. Your support has been awesome, so please give yourselves a pat on the back as you guys are: Supporting a local company. UR is based out of Illinois. Getting a really high quality product, at a cheap price. Probably the best on the market as far as ingredients go. Supporting a friend of mine who I love dearly. Secondly, they have a new product called Ignite…Dale is going to come up to the gym here in the next couple of weeks, for a sampling of this and an

Wendler 5/3/1 Cycle

We are going to start a “Wendler” style lifting cycle in the gym for the Front Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. We will focus on other lifts as well, they wont be based on percentages for these next 5 weeks. Why are we doing this? If our squats go up, full cleans and snatches go up, and our assault biking improves. If our deadlifts go up, our power cleans, power snatches and rowing improves. If our bench press goes up, our strict press and capability of doing ring dips and burpees improves. Strength training plays a huge role in everything else we do in the gym, which is why lifting weights is so important. Who is Jim Wendler and what is 5/3/1? First of all, there are many versions of his

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