Labor Day Schedule - Falls

Menomonee Falls Labor Day Schedule is as follows... Friday (8/31) - Morning is normal but all evening classes are CANCELLED Saturday (9/1) - CLOSED Sunday (9/2) - CLOSED Monday (9/3) - CLOSED Enjoy the long weekend away. When we come back, we get to work! We have another New You challenge starting and the 30 Day End of Summer Slimdown begins!

30 Day End of Summer Slimdown

30 day - End of Summer Slimdown What is it? A 30 day program that includes: 1. Daily warm ups 2. Daily meal plans 3. Daily work out routines, both cardio and weightlifting How can I access it? We will have an online versions, as well as a printable ebook version. What does it cost? $30.00 Just a dollar a day! When does it start? Tuesday, September 4th and will run though October 3rd. Can anyone join? Even if they are not members of the gym? Yes! If someone has access to a gym, they can do the work outs at their facility. The ebook is going to be the best bet here since they may not have access to things a functional fitness facility may have. This will be a "globe gym" friendly version

Most FAQ Regarding Nutrition

1. Nina where do you learn about nutrition? Especially today where there are infinite sources of information and sea of information overload and confusion. Nutritional science is hard, there are tons of studies done but it is a longer process that long of us think, it takes decades with controlled subjects and then you have to take in factors of genetics, activity level of the subject, stress levels, sleep…etc. And then they repeat these studies to see if the results are similar. Try and find some sources you trust. Now I dont know if I would trust this guy as he looks a bit creepy, but when I was at Barnes and Noble in the health and diet section, this guy had a ton of fitness and weight

Standown Apparel

At the gym, you may have noticed that we sell Standown Apparel. Standown Apparel was founded by Kevin Meyer, a member of the U.S. Army. He is partnered with Luke Van Dyke, a professional tattoo artist. Kevin and Luke, joined by their team, strive to provide the highest quality patriotic and fitness apparel. All while giving back to the men, women, and families that protect this country. Standown represents the sheepdog, protecter of the sheep from the wolves. Showing our men and women in uniform that no matter what happens, “We have your back”. When you wear a Standown shirt, not only are your wrapping yourself in the sweet fabric of freedom but you are making a statement. The statement of “

Origin Meals Tips and Tricks!

Origin Meals Tips and Tricks Guys, a heads up to you guys that are interested in ordering Origin Meals but aren't 100% ALL IN on the meals the offer each week... If you are interested in a Lunch or Dinner plan that has 2 or 3 dishes offered but one of the offered dishes you know you don't like. Place the meal plan in your Cart. In the Delivery Notes field make a note that you don't want Dish X and would like 2 of Dish Y. If you select Breakfast and Dinner or Breakfast and Lunch at the same time you will notice that the only portion size available is Standard. This because Breakfast is only offered in the Standard portion for all meal plans. To get around this order Breakfast independent

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