Origin Meals and Announcements

Phase 2 of 12 Weeks to Lean in 18 - You have 1 week left! July 1st - After pictures and measurements must be taken and submitted by the 6th so we can announce winner. Submit to: nina@be-complete.net Committed Club - Week 3 TOP 5 1. Rebecca 2. Keith 3. Scott 4. Marissa 5. Brian How to enter in work outs you do on your own to show us your commitment... Click on the “Me” button Click on “Logbook” Click on “Log a work out” for that day Enter in your work out and score and hit save. Those count towards this. Check in Campaign… The ONLY way you can win is IF YOU guys have raffle tickets entered into the bin. PLEASE show a Coach your post so you can get raffle tickets to win the shoes!! Behnke Fu

Committed Club and Check-In Campaign

Want to win a gift certificate? Want to win a pair of Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons? Here are a couple of different ways this month to: 1. Hold yourself accountable 2. Keep track of your progress 3. Let others know that you dont let life get in the way and make the gym a priority 4. Win prizes/money! Be a part of the Committed Club for June! All you have to do is LOG everything you do at the gym into SugarWOD. Log your lifts under Strength and Skill, log your Finishers, log your WOD, log the weekly challenge WODs, and any extra stuff that you do. At the end of the month, I will see who has recorded the most work outs done and determine a winner for a $20 gift certificate at the end of th

June Mobility - Pecs and Rotator Cuff

This month we are going to focus on a couple of things: 1. Giving you guys a better front rack. 2. Fixing your posture. 3. Strengthening your "upper" back to improve pulling from the floor. 4. Improving shoulder stability. A lot of us have shoulders that are rounded forward and lack the body awareness of how to "pull" those shoulders back on certain exercises. Most of the stuff we do in the gym, we are "pushing" forward or upward so our front deltoids and pecs are really strong and tight compared to the muscles in the rear...rhomboids, traps, teres minor and major, rear delt...etc. (see below). We have improved A TON on keeping shoulders back on lifts, specifically snatches, but I think

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