Supplements I Should Be Taking, and Why

You need your body at 100%, if you want to burn fat! Recovery and proper nutrition is important. You cant live a party lifestyle, eat less throughout the week and expect to burn fat…you’ll be “skinny fat” instead. Things that affect fat burning…inflammation of the body/organs/muscles, the proper amount of carbs and protein ingested, cortisol levels, sleep, quality of the foods you are eating, proper hydration. That’s why people are seeing ridiculous things happen on this diet challenge…bringing their body back to balance with all of these things. Those that aren’t doing that stuff, aren’t seeing the results everyone else is. Its pretty fuckin simple. You cannot outtrain a bad diet. You c

Saying Farewell, for a Good Cause!

On Saturday, April 21st, we will be saying, "See You Soon" to one of our original members, Joel, as he embarks on an INSANE journey for the next few months. Joel is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border to the Canadian border in honor of his friend Katie who lost her life to Cystic Fibrosis, and his cousin Nina, who is currently fighting it. He wants to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and his goal is $2 per mile. He will keep a video log of his journey along the way so we can keep in touch and see how he is doing. The entire trail is 2600 miles and he anticipates that it will take him 6 months to complete. He and I have created a "Hero" work out in honor of

#Mugshot Monday

Episode 5 of Christine's Health and Fitness Journey is LIVE! Check out her transformation from Week 1 to Week 8...this is only the beginning of an AMAZING transformation. In this weeks episode she talks about who her favorite trainers are, and what she LOVES and HATES about the gym!

12 Weeks to Lean in 18 - Round 2

We are starting ANOTHER 12 week Diet Challenge APRIL 8TH! Many of you are noticing the changes that people are making in our first challenge and want in on your own challenge for the summertime! What is it? 12 Week Health and Fitness Challenge for Members of Complete Fitness What is included? 1. 12 Weeks of Meal Plans (sent every 2 weeks) 2. Special access to an exclusive Facebook Support Group 3. Access to Podcasts regarding nutrition, diet advice, tips and tricks on how to stay on track, and specific questions you guys have along the way. 4. Prizes for Weekly Challenge winners, midway point winners and overall prize package. 5. Macronutrients calculated specifically for YOU. Based o

Mobility of April: T-Spine

For our mobility focus this month, we are going to focus on the t-spine. What is the t-spine? T-spine is short for thoracic spine which is your upper, mid back and the ribs. Why are we focusing on this? Well, do you slump your shoulders when you walk, sit or stand? Do you have a hard time keeping your chest up nice and tall on front squats or when pulling off the floor? Do you get a stiff neck after we do KBS or rotational movements? Shoulder pain in the middle of the night when you sleep? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you probably have poor t-spine mobility. After the hips, the t-spine and front shoulders are the most crucial when speaking of mobility and moving correctl

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