18.4 is COMING!

18.4 is COMING! PLEASE sign up for a heat. CFMF, please sign up for your WALK OUT SONG by THURSDAY NIGHT! And please bring a dish or beverage to pass! Athlete of the Night 18.1 - Cameron 18.2 - Paul 18.3 - Caleb 18.4 - You? Come join us in a super fun evening! Sign up sheet is HERE!

For Those That Missed the First Order...

As expected, you guys want some of the new swag but missed the first pre-order. Here is the link to order t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirt hoodies, and tank tops. LINK IS HERE Please fill it out as thoroughly as possible.

18.3 is a Few Days Away!

18.2 Friday Night Lights didn't disappoint! You can now sign up for next Fridays heat via facebook, SugarWOD, or on the link below. "Athlete of 18.1" - Cameron "Athlete of 18.2" - Paul CONGRATS boys on being the "Athlete of the Night"! You worked really hard to earn your belt! Who will be the "Athlete of the Night" for 18.3!? Come hang out and find out with us! This spreadsheet includes BOTH gyms so please select the correct gym. ATTENTION MENOMONEE FALLS ATHLETES! If you DO NOT sign up for a heat, you will not be guaranteed to be able to work out on Friday with us. Equipment is limited and as you can see, we have large teams. Deadline to sign up for a FRIDAY NIGHT HEAT will be 11am on Fr

March Mobility - Hamstrings

Added into our daily warm up are going to be a few new exercises we haven't really done before in the gym. For the month of March we are going to focus on our hamstrings. If you haven't noticed, we spend a large part of warm up stretching and mobilizing. When you lack flexibility, you are hindering your athletic capabilities. In order for us to keep progressing in the gym, we need to keep our muscle supple, loose and happy. We can't hit big lifts or PRs with pissed off muscles. The most neglected and underdressed area of the body are the hamstrings. We know we have tight hips and most of us do some sort of hip stretches and openers before class, but no one really focuses on the hamstrin

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