In the short time that we have been open, we have seen some amazing success stories and transformations.  I wanted to make sure that Mike's story didnt go unnoticed...

Many of you know Mike as the guy who brings his own cooler full of expensive beer to "Free Beer Fridays".  However, I am here to highlight him for a different reason.  I remember when Mike first walked into CFMF...he had a lot of questions about programming and was very concerned about how we scale movements for people like him who couldnt quite do everything "RX".  He also told me that his brother in Minnesota got him started into Cross-training and he wanted to make sure that we were the right gym for him to help him achieve his goals.  He tried a couple of classes before making the decision to join, bringing his best buddy Ben with him.  Mike is one of our original members, he has been with us for more than 2 years and some of you may not have noticed the changes hes made because you see him every day in the gym.  In his first year, because of his hard work and dedication, Mike is officially down over 175 pounds!  Congratulations Mike!  Your transformation is amazing!  Keep up the hard work, we are very proud of you!  And he is also a firm believer that beer makes you stronger...go figure!


Great work Mike!  Keep it up, you're an inspiration to us all!