Approximately 14 months ago I met with Frank to find out what CrossFit was all about.   Keep in mind, I was over 100 pounds overweight and very out of shape.  

Since that day, so much has changed for me that it is hard to know where to even begin.  After talking with Frank, I decided to try On Ramp (the Beginner's Course) to see if I would even like CrossFit. 

After this two week course, I was completely hooked.  I started going to classes and asking, what felt like, a million questions.  

Every coach, athlete and member that I met, made me feel welcomed to what I now call my CrossFit Family.  


The coaches really make an effort to connect with you on a personal level.  I appreciate that Frank, Nina, coaches and members are available for questions and encouragement both in and out of the gym.  

I dare you to try to find another gym that has that kind of support!

During classes and competitions, it doesn’t matter if you are the first one done or the last, everyone is there to cheer you on.  

I will never forget the day there was running in the workout and I knew it was going to take me forever.  One member, finishing his workout early, came back to run with me.  I finished much faster than I would have if I had to do it all on my own.  

CrossFit Greendale is unlike any gym I have ever been to.  Since starting, I have lost 60 pounds, am no longer pre-diabetic.  I have made new friends, met amazing people, and learned a great deal about myself.  While my journey is far from over, I am excited to see how I can improve each day.  


I am truly thankful for Complete Fitness and what it has given me!