I have been a member of CFMF since 2014.  

My daughter had talked about the concept of "CrossFit", so I decided to check and see if there were any gyms nearby.   After some research I found CFMF was right in our own "backyard".  I went in unannounced and I was pleasantly surprised at the friendly response and information that I received by just a member who was there working out.   After going to free trial class, I saw the vibrant energy of the gym decided to join.  


Because of my hip replacement, I have many limitations.  In my quest to find a “gym for me”, I was a member of various other gyms, clubs and studios.  During my time at those other places, I had found that there was really no one that understood the limitations that someone with a total replacement needed.  They didn't understand how to push me as an athlete, nor how to scale exercises for my needs.  I became frustrated after injuring myself at those other facilities due to the ill advised instructors and activities.  

CFMF is totally different.  Nina and Frank treat everyone as family and it is apparent with every workout, everyday.  Nina, Frank and the coaches work with every member and their individual needs.   I, personally am pushed to do things I never thought I could do and am instructed on how to do things safely.  

It does not stop at exercise.  Advice in nutrition and other information is also given when asked...the focus on the gym is on the whole person and their health and fitness journey.  It is not about your monthly “dues”.  It is their mission of being "More than a gym"…and it shows! There is no “I can’t”.  It doesn't matter whether you are 20 or 70, a professional weightlifter or just trying to get stronger than you were before.  It is a community of fitness where everyone has their own personal goals and we encourage and push each other to reach them.  You do not get this type of atmosphere at any other gym.

Three years in and I am still learning and growing in all aspects of my health and fitness journey.

I love my CFMF family!