I was diagnosed with MS about 12 years ago.  I was told not do any strenuous exercise because I couldn’t recover from it and it could be harmful. 

At the time I started CrossFit, I was worried about how I would physically get myself to work daily and continue to take care of a household.  I was thinking only of making sure I could keep myself going, take care of myself and get to work.  I was worried about having to depend on a wheelchair and how I would maneuver myself around in the wheelchair.  I was also concerned about my strength and how I would continue with my normal day-to-day well-being. I was so weak I couldn’t walk more than a couple of blocks, and I feared what the future held and was worried I would need to be taken care of. 

The day I met Nina she told me, “Everyone starts somewhere...you just need to start”.  What a life changing journey this has been!  I can’t thank her enough!  

Nina and CrossFit saved me from a fate of possible immobility.  

I had tried physical therapy, warm water pool exercise and my own form of exercise with no improvement.  

Nina, I don’t know where I would be without you!!!!!

Fast Forward to 2017. 

I can ride an assault bike.  That doesn't seem like a big feat but when I first came to gym, I couldn’t even get on the bike. Being able to get on and ride it took me a year.

My rowing has improved tremendously.  I started at 100 meters and that was very tiring. I can now row several miles in a training session. 

I could not lift anything over my head, let alone a barbell with 45 pounds. Now I am confident when lifting over my head as my balance, while lifting, is improving.  

I did not go upstairs or even try.  It’s still not my favorite thing to do, but I can do it! 

I never imagined I could do anything like battle ropes, push ups, sit ups, work with dumbbells, squats, burpees, push a sled, drag a sled, flip a tire, hang from a bar, and lift weights over my head.  If I can’t perform an exercise, Nina scales it so I am able to do it.  The list of things I can do now is much longer than the list of things I can’t do!  I am not afraid to try new things like I was before, as I was always worried I would fall.  Now I know I can get back up!

I am not worried about the future and very much enjoy what I can do now.

I have even signed up for two competitions for adaptive athletes.  I never could have imaged trying something like this let alone getting to the finish line.

I have met so many inspiring and supportive people at my gym!  Every time I am there I learn something new and I am improving.  

I remember what Frank told me one day, “You will  be amazed at what you can do”,  well Frank, I am amazed.

I think CrossFit is for everyone at any level and any age.  The time I spend at the gym ensures I can enjoy myself more when I am not at the gym.  I now look forward to activities that were once a struggle.