//  Position:  Coach
//  Certifications:   CrossFit Level 1
//  Years Coaching:  2019- Present
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Short Bio
I have always been around sports in some form or another and believe that functional fitness is not only crucial for the development of top-tier athletes, but can and should play a major role in the lives of every human being. 
Whether you want to train for a marathon, be able to play with your kids (or grandkids) or fix your blood pressure...the prescription is the same: Functional fitness.
Functional fitness is for EVERYONE...Moms and dads, the young, the very old, and everyone in between.
I played baseball, football, and basketball during high school.  After school, I continued being active with a focus on weightlifting but once I found functional fitness, everything changed.  There is no such thing as a fountain
of youth, but this functional fitness thing is about as close as it gets! 
I am in far better shape at 36 than I was at 20. I just wish I had found functional fitness sooner!
Zack lives in Jackson with his amazing wife and three children; all of whom are members of CFMF.
Coach Zack regularly engages in functional fitness workouts with his entire family. 
I have a special place for each and every member I am privileged to train.  However, there is something fantastic about training with my family. There is no television. There is just time with me, my family, and the movements."
Zack is the definition of a people person. Finding what motivates individual athletes is more than a job. It is his personal interest. He believes every individual that comes to CFMF is different. He takes pride in being able to relate to every athlete. He loves finding new ways to reach athletes to convey his knowledge. It is this interpersonal relationship that makes the crossFit community so special. At CFMF everyone comes together for a single reason regardless of your personal goals. As a coach, Zack loves to get to know the gym members on a personal level.   
There is no better feeling for me than when I give a little tid-bit of info or advice and I can see the figurative light bulb light up above an athlete’s head. When that athlete has that ohhh I get it know/ epiphany moment and success immediately follows. Quite literally that is what I love and why I coach."
Currently Zack is coaching Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 5 and 6 AM. He is also at the gym Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm for kidsfit classes.  
“Come in and see me or another of our outstanding coaches to discuss how we can help you reach your health and fitness goals."