//  Position:   Coach
//  Certifications:   CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2
//  Years Coaching:  2013- Present
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Short Bio
I am an elementary school teacher that teaches science, Spanish, and physical education in the middle upper grades.  Fitness has always been an important part of my life in every job I have had and while I was pursuing my degrees. I have always enjoyed being active, participating in sports, and helping others in the pursuit of their fitness goals as well. I have been a fitness instructor or trainer for almost 20 years, and an L1 CrossFit trainer for 5 and now an L2 for a year and a half. Having watched family members, coworkers, and friends struggle with health issues and problems motivated me to not only want to stay healthy myself, but also help others that want to enjoy life. I was blessed in my fitness journey to have met and been encouraged and mentored by some incredible people (including the present). No matter what state, country, or location I lived in, fitness was always one of the major components of my life. When I first graduated from college and was living in North Carolina working as a zookeeper (my first degree) I was asked to train as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer with the fitness coordinator at the local gym that I had joined. It was there that it all started and I not only taught many successful classes but even developed and programmed my own boot camp class when those style classes were first becoming popular and had record number of male clients attending what had been considered “women’s classes” up to that point. When I went back to school to become a teacher I trained and coached at several gyms to help pay the bills. Even after graduating and moving to the Dominican Republic, fitness was a key part of what I did while I was teaching in a bilingual school there. Learning the language and the culture of the land was an extra challenge that has now become another asset in my life not only as a teacher, but as a coach being able to reach out to others. 
Through the years I have had clients from young to old, athletes to elderly, perfect health to injured and rehabbing, and the awesome part about it all is watching each one achieve personal goals and grow in ways that they even surprised themselves. That’s what I love about Complete Fitness Menomonee Falls- it’s not a cookie cutter, one style fits all place. Everything is geared to the individual and individuals are known as individuals, not just numbers or someone who goes to a class at a particular time or day. We care that goals are being met, that you are there, and how you are feeling. Fitness is a journey, not a destination and I hope that you join me on yours!
I am typically coaching the kids class on Wednesday evenings and I coach regular Thursday evening classes as well. I fill in wherever possible to help out so don’t be surprised if I’m coaching at another time - especially in summer when time is more flexible. 
I can be reached at:
Contact me if you have anything you’d like to talk about or think I can help you with.