Complete Fitness is an amazing place. I completed "On Ramp," their two-week orientation program, in September, and the last 20 weeks have been life changing. Thanks to CFG this 40ish mom of three is slimming down, shaping up, and feeling great. I have muscles – who knew?!


The owner, Frank, is the real deal - he's a motivating coach, will meet you *wherever* you are at to help you improve, and will push you to expect big things from yourself! Coaching here is very active and helpful - nobody will let you flounder around in a class without assistance. Whether you are a performance athlete looking to get even stronger, or a complete beginner (like me) who needs coaching on beginning lifts, the staff are right there to demonstrate and offer helpful suggestions.


The people here - members and staff alike - are incredibly friendly. Frank says CFG is a family, and if that sounds a bit far-fetched, try it and see for yourself. When you're new, people will walk right over, ask your name, and introduce themselves. It's rather remarkable. 


I've belonged to fitness centers in the past where I did things like jog on an elliptical machine while watching TV... with no results. CFG isn't that kind of place. It's about making your body stronger with weights, bars, weights, ropes, weights, balls, and weights! :) I've never worked this hard, and I'm completely hooked!